Creating beautiful and welcoming events

Ten Point Floral Design 

About us 

Ten Point is a floral design company that creates lush and elegant events. We pride ourselves in responsibility, reliability and creativity. We love creating artistic events with our clients' ideas that their guests talk about for years. At Ten Point we do not shy of blooms, we love using premium flowers that make a difference.
Ten Point is led by 15 years designer 
Founder, Floral and Event Designer
Eny has always had a passion for the gorgeous details. With a background in interior design, construction and floral design she visualizes and execute beautiful events.
She started her career in Orange County California, branched out to Los Angeles and freelanced for different states, cities like Nevada, New Jersey, Louisiana and Miami and internationally (Honduras)
She worked for the best companies California has to offer and she's bringing her creativity to the south.
FAVORITE THINGS: Iced Chai tea latte, cookies and cream chocolates, flowers, beach, waterfall, gardens, succulents, decorating.
HOBBIES: traveling, vintage shopping, hiking, swimming, walks on the beach and sometimes reading.
FAVORITE PARTS OF WEDDINGS: First looks, when bride sees her bridal bouquet, first dance.
 It would be an honor to be part of your special day!