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Finding the right wedding vendor

October 10, 2017

Finding the right wedding vendor: Your boyfriend proposed to you. You are excited because you get to plan the most important event in your life. You start looking at books, magazines, shows, expos for ideas and then you find yourself overwhelmed, too many florists to choose from. But don’t worry.

How about we start with the most important aspect of finding the right wedding vendor.

Finding the look you want.

There is different looks for weddings:

  • Themed  

  • Classic

  • Modern

  • Vintage

  • Rustic

  • Beach theme

  • Outdoors(Garden)

  • Contemporary weddings

  • And you can never go wrong with elegant blush.     Fall wedding flowers

Knowing exactly what you want helps the florist/floral designer really understand your look.

Remember that everyone has their own idea of a certain theme, so have fun and play around with your look.

Find your Budget

If you know how much you can spend on flowers off the bat it helps you pick your floral company much easier. Its always good to know your budget, that way the florist/floral designer can give you an idea of how she can help you.

If your choice of company is due to budget reasons, think about the fact that all companies have payment plans that can help you bring your ideas to reality, so don’t settle, get what you want.

Next; decide if you want to work with a florist or a floral designer.

Yes, just another detail you have to make a decision on. 


Florist is a retail shop who deals with everyday flowers like birthdays, anniversaries, gift, plants. Florist do have experience and depending of which florist you chose, make sure the they make you a sample of the final piece they will be doing for your wedding.

Floral designer/stylist is someone who specializes in unique floral centerpieces, these centerpieces are made artsy, you can go wild with your look and they will be able to bring it to life. Although they are more pricey they do focus with more details on your wedding. This is because they don’t have retail orders to take care of.

(Keep in mind that a florist and floral designer only make samples once the wedding has been booked)

Next check their reviews, either from the page you find them or wedding wire that is a reliable website, if you want to go an extra mile, go on their instagram and find a photo that the bride was tagged on. ( sometimes brides don’t reply so make sure you ask a couple).

Check our reviews here

Another great way of finding the right wedding vendor is to ask your married friends. They will tell you their experiences with the vendor you ask for. Keep in mind that some vendors may have done a great job at the wedding but the couple either didn’t communicate in detailed or there’s a saying ” you get what you paid for” cheap isn’t good if you have high expectations, so make sure to really listen why your friends didn’t like certain vendor.