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Swing set and Playhouse Design

April 26, 2020

Swing set and playhouse

Well let me tell you something about Clint and I! We like fun projects, and elaborate ones, from building our 8’x32′ cabin in the middle of nowhere in Georgia to this playground we decided to build for our little girl.

Scroll down to see the detail shots of the little house and swing set.

Swing Set and Playhouse

We first had to level the area because we live in a hill so my husband rented a mini skid steer machine. He order the hardware and built the swing set on his own. He made the posts of the swing 10 feet long instead of the regular 8 feet to bury them 2 feet under the ground with cement for more support.

We built a retaining wall to give it a clean look and also make sure the hill doesn’t come down on us when it rains.

You can see Haley “helping dad” lol

We ordered kid safe mulch for the whole area and it got delivered to our home.

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Detail shots of the swing set tower

We stained the whole swing set with solid white to match our house colors.

Bench on the platform on the swing set Decor of a lavender metal burtterfly Bohemian decor inside swing set platform

Entrance to the bottom of the slide

The door and the flower box was custom made my me since the dimensions were different than playhouse so I just copied the design with 1×4, nailed them and painted them with exterior black paint.

Front rug I bought it from target

Inside of the bottom of the swing set

Cozy swingset playground

Designing this was my favorite!

I decided to go bohemian inside this little nook

  • I made a bookshelves with boxes I use for floral design and added books, decor, amethyst and crystals
  • Signs ” imagine” and believe. it is so important for her to start seeing those words so I sprayed them champagne rose.
  • I had a cute white vase and added pampas grass and duck feathers dad has hunted before.
  • Blue lace curtains ( made by me)
  • 2×4 board and painted with chalkboard paint.
  • White rug
  • The hammock I made with crafts I had already in my inventory.
  • On the bottom of the rug I placed pavers
  • Dream catcher ( made by me)

Bookshelf for the swingset

Swing set and playhouse

Haley reading in her little nook.


The playhouse was given to Haley by her grandparents for Christmas. This is when the whole idea started to make something cute for her.

We used real shingles matching our house so this will definitely make the playhouse last longer

Pretend shutters with a light lamp.

For the flower boxes I used anemones in different colors and greenery.

Since we cannot have real wisteria in our yard I decided to make a tree just for her to add more touches of purple.

Exterior of the playhouse

Front porch of the playhouse

Flower boxes and wreath on the playhouse

Green wreath for door

Patio area


Inside of the playhouse

There is so many exciting things about this little playhouse.

This was full on my little project that I am so proud of. The house has a running water sink and lighting with batteries and the best part of it is that I made the kitchen cabinets on my own with scrap wood we had sitting on our shop.

I just bought the hinges and cabinet knobs.

Things included inside

  • The shelving custom made
  • Planter
  • back splash stick on- added later see pictures below
  • battery operated sink
  • battery operated lighting
  • Blue lace curtains
  • commander hooks
  • Pendant- custom made
  • Kitchen countertop
  • kids toy stove
  • Hanging planter

Kitchen for playhouse

Top view of kitchen Back splash on the kitchen with marble counter top, swing set and playhouse Sink area with backsplash, swing set and playhouse

Counter top and stove playhouse

Thank you for sticking around and checking out our playground for our little girl. Leave us a comment with what you thought about it!!!

Some of the items used to create this swing set and playhouse

Stain- Olympic maximum white solid color exterior stain and sealant- Home Depot

Backsplash- Stik wall tile collection- Home Depot

Black paint- Exterior Behr Marquee- Home Depot

2’x4′ plywood board- Home Depot

Fake grass rug- Home Depot

Whit picked fence- Home Depot

Charcoal architectural shingles – Home depot

Silk flowers – Ten Point Floral Design

Black and white rug- Target

Mail box- Amazon

Wisteria silk flowers- Amazon

Hanging greenery pot- Target

Lamp- Hobby Lobby

Kitchen toys- Amazon

pots- gift from family

Sink- amazon

Cabinet knobs and hinges- Home Depot

Charcoal and black spray paint- Home Depot

Marble counter top wallpaper- Amazon

Planter- Target

Pendant lighting-Custom made

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    This looks so beautiful, I like it.