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Wedding Rental- Ten Point Floral Design

May 29, 2019

List of rental items in order

Wedding Rental

  1. Modern
  2. Vintage wedding rentals/ brass
  3. Votive holders
  4. Charger Plates
  5. Goblet glass
  6. Rustic
  7. Lanterns
  8. Napkins
  9. Tablecloths
  10. Tall Vases
  11. Arbors
  12. Other accessories


Clients whom already booked flowers with us have no minimum.

A minimum of $500 for rentals only without flowers, plus tax and delivery.

We try to update our wedding rental list as much as possible but please if you do not see something you need, don’t hesitate to ask.


1. Modern

Ceremony modern pedestals/columns (white)

Modern pedestals/columns wedding rental

Clear votive holder

Modern clear candle holder

Monet candle holders

Monet clear candle holder wedding rental

Ghost chairs ( quantity of 16 and most be rental all together $25 each plus delivery and tax)

Ghost chair rental


2. Vintage Wedding Rentals

Wedding these brass containers and tapered candle sticks were use for inspiration Click here

Vintage pitchers brass wedding rentals Brass tapered candle sticks wedding rentals

Brass goblets wedding rentals

Vintage Jewelry box.

Flower container

Vintage wine bottles

Vintage wine bottles wedding rental

Vintage low container

Vintage low vase wedding rental

3. Votive Holders and Cylinders

Orb gold votive holder

Globe votive holder

Array votive holder ( gold and rose)

Array votive holder wedding rental

Desiray Votive Holder

Votive holder wedding rental

Pillar candle in clear cylinder

Cylinder candle holder

4. Charger Plates

Regular charger plates

Regular charger plates wedding rentals


5. Goblets glass

All goblets are in small quantities per color, you can mix and match. minimum of 20 to rent.

Amber Vintage Goblets wedding rental Blood red vintage goblet rentals Rose/pink vintage goblets Greeen vintage goblets rental Clear goblets wedding rental Emerald goblets wedding rental

Red goblets rental

Wedding Rental

6. Rustic

Rustic wedding rental sign Sign wedding rental Rustic wood slice wedding rental

Rustic wooden boxes wedding rentals


7. Lanterns

Audrey Lanterns

Geometric lantern wedding rental

Modern lantern wedding rental Gold lantern wedding rental


8. Napkins ( 20″x20″)

We have any color napkins in satin and polyester.

Napkins wedding rental

Napkins event rental

9. Tablecloths

We have white, Ivory, Navy blue, black, emerald green, charcoal etc.

Round 132″and rectangular (90″x156″)

tablecloth event rental

10. Tall Vases


11. Arbors

Hanging Arbor

hanging arbor installation

Triangle Arbor

Bohemian triangle arbor

Infinity/ circular arbor

Infinity/circular arbor

Copper Arbor

Copper arbor

Traditional round arbor

Traditonal round arbor

Cross Arbor

Ceremony cross arbor

Shelving Arbor

Wooden Arbor

Stand Alone Arbor

Stand alone arbor

Birchwood Arbor

Ceremony birchwood arbor

Wooden Arbor

Dark wooden arbor

Other accessories

Faux Grapes Bohemian rug lavender rental